Knockouts – The Gentlemen’s Club Los Angeles
Has Been Waiting For

How do you like your lap dances? Served up hot and steamy by a buxom blonde, or perhaps a flirtatious redhead? Do you like your girls spilling out of their bikini tops or with their bare bottoms just peeking out from beneath a short, see-through teddy? Whatever gets your red-blooded American male testosterone racing, we’ve got it at Knockouts. From Santa Monica
to Studio City, we’re the strip club Los Angeles boys love to flock to for a night that sure as hell beats a date at the Grove.

Of course, being situated in the city that knows how to party doesn’t hurt. Los Angeles is nothing if not flamboyant and awe-inspiring, boasting some of the most beautiful and nearly flawless people in the entertainment industry and beyond. Knockouts continues this tradition with the city’s – and America’s – most drop-dead-gorgeous exotic entertainers you’ll
ever lay your eyes on, taking to our neon-drenched stages each night with one goal in mind: To get your heart racing and
your fantasies fulfilled.

Do we have you salivating yet?

Imagine catching the big game or boxing event on one of six massive 60-inch plasma televisions or on dual 166-inch projection screens, all while off to the side our sexy, curvaceous beauties grind their tight, toned bodies against
peek-a-boo poles…still not hot enough? What about when the girls start throwing flirtatious, naughty-esque glances
and smiles in your direction as they grind up on one another and all over the stage in their sky-high stilettos and little else…would that grab your attention? If your pulse is racing and all kinds of fantasies are now swirling through your head, don’t panic…it’s all part of the Knockouts experience. It’s like the rides are Universal Studios: fast, wild and unpredictable.

Sure, this is the consummate gentlemen’s club LA has been waiting for – but Knockouts is so much more. This isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill strip club oozing with unfortunate seediness and playing music from an old
dust-covered jukebox in the corner of the bar. Here, interior elements drip with class and
sophistication, creating the perfect backdrop for our mesmerizing dancing girls that aren’t
in it for the tips…they are here to make sure you and your party of discerning
gents has a good time. After all, fulfilling fantasies is what Knockouts is all about.

From private VIP experiences that will leave you weak in the knees and breathless
once our ladies get through with you, to awesome drink specials and sporting event
parties – to say nothing of the way we do a true ultimate bachelor party – Knockouts
has transformed the Los Angeles sports bar and strip club venue scene into
something not so easily definable…but that’s okay with us. Just like all the best things
in LA—from West Hollywood to the celebrities like Miley or Kim Kardashian—we’re OK with
curvaceous and crazy.

Once you stop in, walk through our doors and sit down with a gorgeous Knockouts dancer
in your lap, you too will realize you’ve crossed the threshold to somewhere beyond sexy…
Pass the Staples Center downtown, head east on the I-10 freeway, and head up into Pasadena
on the Foothill Freeway, and get started on the night you’ll remember better than Spielberg
remembers the Oscars.

Discover and fulfill YOUR fantasy at Knockouts!

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